Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Koi Dost Hai Na Raqeeb Hai

koi dost hai na raqeeb hai, tera shehar kitna ajeeb hai..
no friends or enemies, your city is strange..

woh jo ishq tha woh junoon tha, ye jo hijr hai ye naseeb hai..
the love we had was our passion, this separation is our destiny..

mein kise kahoon mere saath chal yahan sab ke sar par saleeb hai
whom should I ask to give me company, everyone is carrying a cross on their shoulder..

yahaan kiska chehra padha karoon yahan kaun itna kareeb hai..
whose face can I read here, is there anyone who is so close to me here?

tujhe dekh kar mein hun sochta, tu habib hai ya raqeeb hai
I look at you and wonder, are you a friend or a rival..

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  1. Hi Mohit, I just sent you a friend request on FB. Your blog is really interesting. I am a PhD student in England, I study ghazals translated to English from Nepali. I know yours are from Hindi (I think) but they're really interesting. I'd love to ask you more about ghazals and how you go about translating them, if you'd be interested? I'd really appreciate it. All the best! Ellie