Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Agar Hum Kahen Aur Wo Muskura Dein - Jagjit Singh

Agar hum kahen aur wo muskura dein
Hum unke liye zindgaani luta dein

If I say something and she smiles at me,
I could give up my life for her..

Har ik mod par hum gamon ko sazaa dein
Chalo zindagi ko mohabbat bana dein

At every step in life, lets punish the sorrows,
And fill this life with love..

Agar khud ko bhoole to kuch bhi na bhoole
Ke chaahat mein unkee khuda ko bhula dein

If I forgot myself, its as good as forgetting nothing,
In your love, I can forget God..

Kabhi gam kee aandhee jinhen choo na paaye
Wafa ke hum wo nashe-man bana dein

Safe from the storms of sorrows,
Lets us build a fort with our faith..

Qayaamat ke deewaane kehte hain humse
Chalo unke chehre se parda hata dein

Some people dont fear a catastrophe and tell me
Lets unveil the mask from her face..

Saza de silaa de, bana de mitaa de
Magar wo koi faislaa to sunaa de

Punish me, judge me, make it or destroy it..
But atleast pass your judgement


  1. thank you for this beautiful songs

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  4. Nuances and beauty of the words are lost in this " direct " translation.
    For example.. the wondrous sight of a beautiful face is also qayamat.